I love words, I love to move them around and knit them together to form thoughts.

I read the words of Scripture, let those written words transform my heart, and then I gift box them up, and give them away to others.

Words can wound and words can heal. To be honest-I’ve used them to inflict pain on those who have hurt me, I’ve also used them to bring comfort and joy to those I hold dear to my heart.

These days though, I strive to use my words to empower and encourage. Don’t get me wrong, when attacked I still have the inclination to use them as a sword to protect myself.


I’ve come to a place, where I don’t want to hurt people anymore. As I look back on those words that wounded, I am left with the residual effects. Shame, remorse, and guilt.. just to name a few. Those words have kept me up at night and cost me some valuable relationships. However, as I look back on the words I’ve used to heal, I have gained some of the most beautiful friendships with ladies all over the world.

I’m reminded of these words in the Gospel of Matthew 15:18~

“But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.”

When I get to a place in my thought life, where my words are carrying more saltiness than sweet. I can always attribute that to a lack of time with my Savior. If my life is consumed by busyness and I haven’t had my time in Scripture and prayer, it’s not long before I begin to notice the shift.

How about you? Are you noticing the power of your words? We live in a time where a word is needed to encourage and empower. Not to wound and destroy. Let’s make it our mission today, to seek out someone who may need you to show them some grace. I know someone who has shown me grace.. He is the Creator of the Word. His name is Jesus. Let’s start there..

Happy Saturday!

Till next time!





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