Bible Study: It’s as easy as S-O-A-P!


When I became a Christian in November of 2000, I was completely intimidated by Bible study. I mean, seriously.. there’s a lot that can be misinterpreted. I didn’t grow up in a church setting, so I knew very little about what words like covenant, propitiation, repentance, and conversion meant. So what did I do? I started with a children’s illustrated story Bible. As I read about those Bible heroes, my mind slowly began to see the story of God unfold.

Since I struggled so much in my study time, I began to seek out a variety of Bible study methods and as I tried them, I was able to narrow them down to one that I liked the most. I wanted a method at an elementary level so that I wouldn’t become overwhelmed. If the method is more difficult than the passage that I’m studying, I become discouraged and put it down.

The easiest method that I have found to date is the S.O.A.P method.

S: Scripture~ Choose a passage that you would like to use. Try to start with just a few verses.

O: Observations~ What do you see? Make a list of every thing that stands out to you. Pay attention to commands or lists. Write down words or phrases that are repeated.

A: Application~ How can you take what you observed and apply those commands to your life? What is it that the text is asking you to do in response to what you read? This is where you will turn your observations toward yourself and start to ask yourself questions about how you can respond.

P: Prayer~ This is where you ask the Lord to help you take what you observed and apply that to your life. It will be by the leading of the Holy Spirit that you will hear Him speak. Take this time to listen and as you go about your day, you will find that you will have opportunities to apply what you’ve been studying.

I hope you are able to take this method of Bible study and find that it is the simplest way to dig into Scripture! It is through this method that my children have begun to study independently. Take your time and enjoy being in God’s Word!

Till next time!





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