That Old Coon Dog

Our family has a coonhound that we foster for our local animal shelter. Her name is Sadie, she has a strikingly shiny, sleek,  rich black and red coat. She’s gorgeous to look at when the sun shines down on her back. When she wandered in, she was very malnourished and timid. It took us weeks to get her to come to us without fear. We have no idea where she came from. Now days, she comes to the patio doors and scratches until we bring her food and then late at night or early morning you can hear that old coonhound holler. She’s a hunter, you can hear her from a distance and know when she has an animal treed. Her persistence can be comical and yet after you have heard her for hours you wonder, “Will she ever give up?”

Not long ago, she bayed and howled, almost begging for the critter to give up and come on down. I yelled from the back porch, “Sadie girl!!” She refused to listen, howling all the more. The longer she went the raspier her howl became. Finally, after hours of us both hollering, poor girl finally listened to her Mama and came on in.. her persistence was something to be admired.. her absolute refusal to give up reminded me of a passage I had been reading..

Galatians 6:9– And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

You may be thinking, “How does the persistence of this old coonhound have anything to do with the Lord?” Well, you see, Sadie has a persistent spirit. Until I yelled at her, she wasn’t going anywhere! She would have continued to do what she had been trained for until she had nothing left.

As Christians, the Bible has given us specific instructions and training for the task ahead. What have we been trained to do? Through study, prayer, and getting equipped through the church, we are being trained to follow Jesus, produce fruit, and to tell the Good News of the Gospel. I know, it gets tiring. Sometimes it seems that the more we tell others about Jesus, the less that person or people may listen. We must be persistent though. Stay the course for as long as it takes. The good thing is, our Master, He will let us know when to keep on keeping on and when to come back in. There are times that life gets heavy, as women we wear lots of hats, like being a Mama, a wife, caring for a parent, working toward a degree, or even finding that niche in ministry. The list goes on and on.. If I could give you any advice today, I would say, “Don’t get weary, in due season, you will reap.” Keep howling the Gospel! Keep showing the world the hope that lies within you! Stay the course!

Till next time!




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