My week can get L-O-N-G sometimes… I’ll get an anxiousness about me when it’s been a few days between visits with my grandgirls… like, my arms will ache to hold them. It’s the most wonderful feeling to be their MiMi. I love the smell of the curls in their hair, the way they wrap those little arms around my neck and how they say, “I love you too, MiMi.”

I was a teenager when I had their daddy. He too, was a teenager when he became a daddy. So, I am still in my 30’s, and it’s shocking when I tell people I am a Mama to six and a MiMi to three. (one of those are still in the womb) We’re a very hands on family. My children are hugged, hands are held, I look them in their eyes when we speak and I tell them I love them 1000 times at least.. it’s everything I dreamed of and more. My grandgirls are 4 and 2, I feel like I have loved them my entire life. It’s like it has just always been.

I have a grandson due in a few weeks. That’s a picture of him above. I went with them to an ultrasound and it was one of the most precious things that I’ve ever seen. Quietly, as I looked at the monitor, I thanked the Lord for this little man child. Before I knew it, I heard the Lord say through His Word:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (NIV)

What will the Lord do with this boy? Only He knows, He has already set him apart and given him a divinely, appointed life. And He did all of that before he was formed in the womb.

He’s done that very same thing for you too. The Lord has loved you from the very beginning, before you were ever formed in your mothers womb. Life has a way of distracting us. The to and fro of this walk can cause us to get disconnected from our Father. I am praying that if there is a gap between you and Jesus, the Lord will close this gap and make Himself known to you today. He always does for me. I just have to open my spiritual eyes and ears, lean in close and wait.

Till next time!





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