Locking Arms with Younger & Older Generations: Part Four

As we close our current series on 2 Timothy , we do so, not with sadness but instead with hearts filled to the brim with courage! If you are surrounded by a crowd of littles, teens, or young adults as I am, then you may well be a Paul to the many Timothy’s in your time. This makes my heart smile as I think of the ones the Lord has entrusted to me. So, what do we do during this season created so long ago by our God? We are shown in the 4 short chapters of the penned words of Paul in 2 Timothy:

  1. Boldness is necessary as we face persecution and opposition. Paul stressed his desire for us to not carry out our ministries in fear or shame of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Teach this to your Timothy’s! Lead them to lead with boldness!
  2. Faithfulness is just as necessary as boldness! Be faithful to study and prayer. This is where we are filled with soundness of doctrine. We must teach our Timothy’s the importance of daily study and prayer. Without it, we are misleading them, they MUST study to lead, they will not be able to lead others by merely sitting under our teaching. Lead them to find out the truths in Scripture for themselves.
  3. Teaching and training. As you teach your Timothy’s, teach them to teach others. What good is it to know the Gospel of Christ, but never share it with others?
  4. Recognition of false teaching. Out of all the things we can teach our Timothy’s, they must be ready to reject error. We see counterfeit faith running rampant in this day and time! If you are faithful to the teaching and training with the Word of God, they will recognize the difference.

I pray that you have enjoyed this series on 2 Timothy! It has been a blessing to study and write. Our hearts desire is for others to Live Stronger in Christ. Please continue to send in your prayer requests through the Prayer Room and continue to write in your responses to posts! We love hearing from you and praying over you daily!

Till next time!

Following Jesus,


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