Don’t Fall into the Ditch

Psalm 7:15 (KJV) He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made.

If you’re under attack today, I pray you’ll read this verse slowly and take some time to grab a Bible, flip over to the Psalms and read chapter 7 in its entirety.

It is only from the trenches of my own life that I am even attempting to write about the danger(s) we see here.

When David penned these words he was under attack, under persecution and being slandered viciously.

So here is where I am able to connect what I see in this verse, with what often tries to rear its ugly head in my own life. Stay with me..

Revenge. This word is fat with venom. If you look you will find that r-e-VEN-g-e has right in the center of it, the first 3 letters in the word VEN-o-m. I don’t believe that is coincidental.

Sweet Sister, maybe you’re in the center of persecution. It could be a relationship that has ended bitterly, a marriage ending with infidelity, being falsly accused, you fill in the _____________. Regardless of the issue, revenge may be at the forefront of how you wish to react. To keep this post short, I want to show you the situation David was in:

  • David wrote this Psalm during a time that slanderous accusations were swirling that he was trying to kill Saul and take over the throne. ( I Sam. 24:9-11)
  • Instead of getting revenge on his accusers, David calls out to God and asks HIM for justice.

It is hard when we are in the center of slander. Our reputations may be under attack and the first thought we may have is to protect it by getting revenge. We respond by fighting with the same weapons that they are using against us. How did David change the course and reach out to God instead of himself? This is what David knew about our God:

  • God looks deep into the mind and the heart
  • God is righteous
  • God is our shield
  • God is an honest judge

If you are under attack today, pray. We see that when our enemies dig pits for us to fall into, let them dig. Gods Word tells us that when allowed to run its course, evil destroys itself. You keep obeying, praying, leaning into the LORD no matter what. Stay the course. When you need help with how to respond, follow David around in Psalm 7. This Psalm ends in thankfulness because God is just and a song of praise to the name of the LORD Most High.





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