Christ is in the Storm!


What does the storm look like to you today? Is it physical, relational, emotional, financial, environmental, circumstantial? You fill in the _______________________. No matter what the ‘thing’ is, Christ is in the storm. You may be thinking, “What do you know? My __________ is so big, so rooted, that even Christ isn’t in that!”

Let’s look at the words of Paul in Romans 8:35:

35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 

That storm you’re going through is BIG! I assume at times it appears Jesus isn’t with you. Let us examine all the things that CANNOT separate us from the love of Jesus Christ:

  • Can tribulation? (trouble, suffering, anxiety) NOPE!
  • Can distress? (extreme anxiety, sorrow, pain) NOPE!
  • Can persecution? (hostility or ill-treatment) NOPE!
  • Can famine? (shortage, scarcity of food) NOPE!
  • Can nakedness? (lack of clothing) NOPE!
  • Can peril? (serious, immediate danger) NOPE!
  • Can sword? (violent death) NOPE!

Paul pretty much covered any and all storms, right? If you’re going to live stronger in Christ, you must not only read those words, but also meditate on them. What is meditating on the Word of God? It is reading the text, looking up any words that you don’t understand, then pondering on what you’ve read. If you look in the parentheses above, you will see the meaning of each word.

As I looked over my notes, I realized that my current storm fit perfectly within those parentheses. I want to live stronger, I don’t want to go to bed at night with a pounding heart and fear-filled thoughts. If Jesus Christ is your Savior, then nothing can separate you from His love. Hard as this life may be, we have the security of knowing that we can rest in Him and His faithfulness. So when you feel like Christ isn’t in your storm, look at all the words above. If nothing can separate you from the love of Christ, you can be confident that He is with you in the storm!

In His love,


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