Raising The Future Church

In raising kids, it is my heart’s desire that they would fall madly in love with Jesus. As I sat in the pew on Sunday morning, I looked around at those littles and teens then silently prayed over the generation that will soon lead The Church. Raising children of God today is no easy task. It takes prayer, lots of it! Discipline, tons of it! Trust in Jesus, scads of it!

In my study notes today for Psalm 127:3-5, there was a staggering revelation that I would like to share with you.

“Too often children are seen as liabilities rather than assets. But the Bible calls children, ‘a heritage from the LORD, a reward.’ We can learn valuable lessons from their inquisitive minds and trusting spirits. Those who view children as a distraction or nuisance should instead see them as an opportunity to shape the future. We dare not treat children as an inconvenience when God values them so highly.”

The Bible has many Scriptures that guide us in raising our children. Psalm 127 shows us that raising these kiddos up will take more than our own efforts, we need the LORD!

Raising children for Kingdom work requires us as parents/guardians (I know that many of you are raising nieces, nephews, fostering, etc.) to lean into Scripture. What does that look like for us in the trenches of parenting? For me, as a Mama to six, there are three ways the LORD has steered my parenting:

  1. Give your kids boundaries: this is the most unpopular because as parents we want our kids to be happy, social, involved in their communities and you fill in the ____________. This is where we are the gatekeepers and watchtower guards over those little minds. Let’s face it Mama’s, there are just some things we need to protect their immature minds from. It includes unprotected internet access, social media, outings with friends, and again you fill in the ____________.
  2. Pray with your kids. When I first began praying with my children, I can tell you that it didn’t look like praying in the pew. I would open my eyes and see them looking around, poking their sibling and so on.. Again, set boundaries by explaining to them that prayer is talking to the LORD and respecting His holiness during prayer time is a must. BEST PART.. when you are about to lose it, have a financial breakthrough, or parking at the mall… let them see you call out to the LORD! Let them see you interact with the LORD. Sometimes, talking to the LORD with my kiddos is simply loading the dishwasher and asking the LORD to help us get our chores done quickly so that we can play a game of Go Fish! together.
  3. Study Scripture with your kids. Yes, you can study the Bible with your littles. Even if it is just one verse. This is where you can use Pinterest to your advantage.. What kiddo under 12 doesn’t like to do an activity? Use a craft or baking as a way to talk about a story in Scripture. For the older kiddos, post a prayer on their bedroom door. Then, at night when you tuck that teen in, pray the Scripture on their bedroom door over them. They may roll an eye or two but keep on keeping on Mama. God is bigger than an eye roll!

I am praying for you as you are raising the future Church. Please say a prayer for me too!

We will undoubtedly make many mistakes in parenting but we can listen in close to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Stay tuned for more!

Raising the future Church,


Life Application Study Bible. 1996 by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, IL

Study Notes from page 1057. (Psalm 127:3-5)


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