Have you Lost your Joy?


In all my years of studying the Scriptures, I find my heart leaning toward certain writers based on my particular circumstances. For instance, when I am walking in a season filled with fear, trembling, highs, and lows, I will dig into the Psalms that David wrote. Why? Well, David has been there and while he was in the midst of it, he poured his heart out and left his written testimony behind for us. Many times I have let my tears fall on those Old Testament pages waiting as David did for the LORD to bring comfort.

Today, I am leaning into Psalm 32 and found some joy-filled words for our day!

Psalm 32 shows us how forgiveness in our God brings true joy. Our transgressions are forgiven when we verbally confess! When David kept silent his bones grew old. When he was continuing to live in his sin, not asking for forgiveness, he felt the heavy hand of God upon him. As David confessed to God, his vitality (the state of being strong and active) returned and the LORD forgave the iniquity of his sin.

This is true in our lives. When we have unrepented sin, we can feel the heaviness of it, we don’t feel strong in the LORD and find ourselves not wanting to be involved in our churches or even actively seeking God in prayer. But, as we repent and turn away from the sin, we feel our joy in the LORD return!

As I grow closer to God through His holy Word, I am learning obedience is the key to contentment and joy. Being obedient to His Word isn’t always easy or even fun for that matter but it is a MUST! When I find myself having to navigate difficulties I always remember there is freedom in obedience and captivity in disobedience. Satan will always give me an opportunity to step outside the boundaries of Scripture, at times making it ‘appear’ that I am being obedient. We must stand firm, keeping our eyes open to his tactics!

Psalm 32 is bubbling over with joy! As you read this Psalm today, you will see the sadness of David in the beginning and hear his shouts for joy in the end!

Joy is found,




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